We Just Wanna Say Thank You So Much!

Last Friday, April 17th, our shop got broken into around 5 in the morning. Our left side windows were terribly shattered with a piece of metal at our door. They stole consignment pieces from independent artists and some of our own merch as well. We've since boarded it up but now we're left with having to find the funds for the huge panels of glass which are very expensive.

Everyone was very eager to help and immediately asked us about ways to donate and where to purchase our stuff. We feel so loved and supported by our own community and by people who don't live anywhere near. 


This really proves so much about how people of Fresno also love this city as much as we do. We we pursued this passion of ours to serve our community and become a safe place for youths to express their artistic voices and grateful people have perceived it positively. 


We're planning to merge our workshops and art-related events virtually to still keep our community engaged and involved. It is hard to replicate the same feeling of the in-person events we've had but we acknowledge our responsibility to comply with CDC rules and to flatten the curve. We hope everyone feels the same.


If you've donated, purchased from us, shared a tweet, or our story, thank you so much. We're so grateful for your support and we hope that we can see each other soon.